Ono Scrolls Background

A pair of scrolls dated to 1620. The names of two members of the Ono clan are listed on both scrolls, thus this project is named after them.

  • Scroll One contains the rubbings / images of 41 blades, focusing on the hamon (temper pattern of the sword edge) and any horimono (carvings) on the blade.
  • Scroll Two holds the oshigata of 119 nihonto, including katana, wakizashi and tanto.

The images of the scrolls  are presented in standard Japanese order (the scrolls are meant to be read from right to left); each scroll ends with an apparent rubbing containing the names of members of the Ono clan.

You can move through the pages by selecting a page number from the column at the left, or by using the page-turn arrows found at the top-and-bottom corners of the white background of each page.

All oshigata images are numbered, to allow allow translators and translation (sword appraisal)  to definitively identify the item. The placement of numbers again follows the old Japanese tradition of reading from right-to-left  (i.e. 3, 2, 1).

Note: You will find that some oshigata / numbers appear on multiple images. Due to placement of the oshigata on the scrolls, we were forced to shoot photographs somewhat overlapped in order to capture them all.  When an oshigata is identified an any page, I’ll update any duplicated oshigata in other images.

On each page, below the picture, will be text areas listing the oshigata by number. Clicking on the line for a particular oshigata number will open a comment box in the column to the right where comments, analysis, links etc. can be posted. Alternatively you can look in the right hand column for the “COMMENTS ON ITEM #” line and click on the appropriate number to open the same box..

Once a comment is entered, only registered members will be able to see it. If someone wishes to discuss an entry, they can use the Reply button in the comment to create a threaded discussion in the Comments column.

When the analysis for an oshigata is confirmed, the final description from the comments will be posted on the appropriate oshigata number below the page image. Should an oshigata be determined as unidentifiable, that will also be noted.


Page 115

Source: http://hidensho.com/ono-oshigata-scrolls/ono-scrolls-background/