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260 Leave a comment on item 260 2 備州長船住元重  Bishu Osafune Jyu Motoshige.   長二尺七寸五分   Nagasa 2 shaku 7 sun 5 bu (83,3 cm).  This rubbing has been identified as being taken from a sword declared an Important Cultural Property.  Presented by the Hosokawa clan to Sakai Tadayoshi.  The rubbing here shows the full, original nakago (tang).  Historically, the sword had the nakago shortened (suriage) around 1868 (see image: photo credit K. Morita, NMB ).  There is an odd name inscribed which refers to an old saying about the sharpness of a blade: Mikaeri 見返 – “looking back” – “A passer-by will not realize he has been cut by it, but will fall in half when turning back”

261 Leave a comment on item 261 1 則宗   Norimune.   長二尺四寸一分   Nagasa 2 shaku 4 sun 1 bu (73,0 cm)

262 Leave a comment on item 262 1 備前國長船住近景  Bizen (no) Kuni Osafune Jyu Chikakage   長一尺六寸七分   Nagasa 1 shaku 6 sun 7 bu (50,6 cm)

263 Leave a comment on item 263 1 Image difficult to decipher.  Perhaps  国行, followed by   長二尺三寸七歩   Nagasa 2 shaku, 3 sun, 7 bu

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