New Login and Registration Information

Due to comments and requests from some members of the translator / nihonto community, there have been a few changes in logging in and registration. First, there is a new login URL: http://hidensho.com/oshigata/ Please bookmark this. You’ll also find it on every site page under the “Apply for Registration” link in the top left column. […]

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Projects Update: Nakamura Manuscript and Heiho Yukan

Nakamura Oshigata Manuscript Volunteer translator Robert Mormile has added oshigata translations to pages 100, 104, 108 and 109.  Approximately 85% of all oshigata have now been translated;  the remainder are mostly too faint, obscured, or of poor quality to be identified.   Heiho Yukan Fortification Manuscript Volunteer translator Curtis Abu has completed translations for pages […]

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Page One of the Heiho Yukan now available

Curtis Abu has finished translating the first page of text in the Heiho Yukan fortification manuscript on the Hidensho.com site;  it is now available at:  http://hidensho.com/1854-heiho-yukan-manuscript/page-1/ Page 2 is in progress

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Site Update: Translator Credit and Work on the Heiho Yukan

Translator Credit Volunteer translators using the Comments feature of the main pages automatically have each line / section they enter credited (and searchable) under their name.  To give proper credit however, volunteer translators will now also be listed on the “Background” page for each project they work on, at the top-left of the page.  These […]

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Site reorganization, translation updates and new projects

The site had been updated, with translation projects now listed in  separate pulldown menus in the left-hand column.  New projects have been added and are described below: Project Updates Nakamura Oshigata Notebook Robert Mormile has completed his translation of the obscured and hard-to-read oshigata.  The following have been updated: Page   # 44      66, […]

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Oshigata translation Updates: January 16/17

Robert Mormile continues his excellent work, with his latest additions being: Page  Oshigata # 61      240 47      183 46      181 38      142, 143, 144, 145, 146 29      109,110, 112 I’d also like to welcome new Hidensho site contributor Steven Miller, who came to us via […]

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Oshigata translation Updates: January 14/17

I’ve completed updating Robert Mormile’s mei and note translations;  these are now all available on the appropriate main page.  I’ll update the photographs to reflect identified omote / ura pairs, as well as the Smith’s database in the next week or so.  In total thus far, Robert and translation 124 mei / notes;  that’s approximately […]

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Oshigata translation Updates: January 12/17

Thanks to Robert Mormile’s continuing work, I’ve been able to update the following pages / oshigata.   Asterisks indicate where omote / ura pairings have been identified. Note these are the main page listings only.  Photographic labeling and database updates will be done later. I continue to work through Robert’s list of translated nakago. Page   Oshigata […]

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Oshigata translation Updates: January 10/17

Many thanks to our new contributor Robert Mormile of NMB, who provided translations and/or notes on all “orphaned” oshigata in the first 28 pages of the manuscript.  These new notes have been added to the main item descriptions found under each page photograph. Page 11, Oshigata #35, 38 Page 18, translation of text found between […]

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Oshigata translation Updates: November 7/16

With thanks to David McDonald for the following translation additions, which include the appropriate Hawley’s Smith indices and an estimation of which smiths in a linage were likely to have done the work. Page 85:  Oshigata #338, 339, 340, 341 Page 87:  Oshigata #347

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