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This is an application to become a registered user on this site. Only registered users can view or write comments on the items presented. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed;   if accepted you will receive an email with welcome and sign-on information. NOTE: This is a private voluntary, non-profit project.  The owner reserves all rights to accept, reject or ban applicants or members as deemed necessary.

Once registered, all new members are automatically subscribed to email notification of  new posts on site updates, translation analysis by other members, or research on the manuscript. To unsubscribe or change the way you receive these notifications, use the “Registered User Notifications” tab and link, found in the left-hand column of all Hidensho web pages.

For new projects, registered members have the ability to request High Definition digital copies of the books, manuscripts and scrolls presented for translation / identification.  All applicants for registration agree they to share any translation, appraisals (translation), research, information or data they discover regarding these documents / projects.  The files distributed will be in Adobe Acrobat format, password protected and watermarked;  applicants for registration agree that such files are received in confidentiality and are not to be distributed to non-members.

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