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13 Leave a comment on item 13 1 後堅固 (Ushiro Kenko) Fortifying the Rear of a Castle

14 Leave a comment on item 14 2 馬出のなき所本域にするやうに取るの法   Methods in protecting the vicinity of the castle when an effective barrier cannot be established.

15 Leave a comment on item 15 1 This line is the completion of the sentence in #14

16 Leave a comment on item 16 1 草の角馬出 (Sou no Kaku Umadashi)  A simple rectangular barrier. It is relatively small, and doesn’t cover the main gate as well as a Shinmaru Umadashi (A barrier or blockade in front of the main gate which acts as a means to slow down incoming enemy forces, giving the defenders of the castle a chance to retaliate from cover. It sits directly in front of the castle in a curved or rectangular design.)

17 Leave a comment on item 17 1 三 (San, #3) This is the third compound (San no Maru). It makes up the entire front of the castle, as well as wraps around slightly on the left side

18 Leave a comment on item 18 1 二 (Ni, #2)  The other second compound (Ni no Maru). Wraps around the main compound on the left

19 Leave a comment on item 19 1 二 (Ni, #2)  This is the second compound (Ni no Maru). It wraps around the main compound more to the right

20 Leave a comment on item 20 1 本丸  (Honmaru)  The main compound. It is positioned more towards the back of the castle, since there is little threat of an attack from the rear

21 Leave a comment on item 21 1 横矢屏風竹 (Yokoyari Hei Kazedake)  A grove of bamboo used as a fence to protect against enemy long-range assault (arrows, gunfire, etc.)

22 Leave a comment on item 22 1 再出入 (Sai Shutsunyuu, Sai Deiri )  A reusable entrance for the castle dwellers. Possibly a means to escape, or to slip out unnoticed when necessary

23 Leave a comment on item 23 1 海 (Umi)  This is the ocean, and possibly also referring to a large body of water. The idea is to build a castle with its back to water, making it difficult for enemy troops to storm through the back

24 Leave a comment on item 24 1 辻馬出 (Tsuji Umadashi)  A barrier or blockade at the side of the castle. There is no indication as to the design or size of this

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