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It is written that you must not be negligent in prepping for use of the bow & arrow while managing a castle. Or, looking at this from a different perspective, you must keep yourself in high spirits. Work hard at developing this attitude to get an understanding behind this.  –  As a soldier, being low in spirit will not bode well as you attend to your daily duties. Negligence will prevent you from doing Yonkaku no Uchinarashi (the 4 Types of Preparations), and make it difficult to understand the intricacies regarding military tactics.  –  In regards to castle fortification, it is stated that if you grasp the know-how necessary for this on a mental and physical level, you will become a person guaranteed a good victory.  –  The basic rules for establishing a castle include the following: understanding how to utilize both offensive and defensive measures, the 5 methods of storming the front & rear gates of a castle, and the components of a castle (main compound, 2nd & 3rd compound, and main gate). These are the objectives for a well protected castle that can withstand a battle.  –  You must be aware of this, or else owning the 5 diagrams present will be a complete waste.  –  Now, we set our attention to the following illustrations presented (in this manuscript).

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