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Still, it is transcribed to be a difficult feat to capture the full meaning behind Katamon Shinshin no Kyokushaku, which is essential to create diagrams. –  When a tightly fortified castle that makes a defensive design using small rocks is your goal, you should utilize the cross-pattern style that will become multilayered.  It is stated that learning the kyokushaku is the spirit behind (castle) fortification.  –  If you exhaust all means of the Kyokushaku (i.e. understanding the ins and outs of it), you will master the insight of designing a well protected castle that can defend against the enemy during battle.  In a case such as so, evaluate your force so to choose an area that naturally is suitable when determining the size of the fort.  –   Getting everyone to work in unison in one place will prove difficult. However, if you combine reasoning with the the type of force you lead, you will stand out as a true model of an exemplified leader/strategist.  –  When going to battle is imminent, one must establish a stronghold, set up one’s fort in opposition of the enemy’s fort, build the size of your force, and set in place sakamogi (a long row of heavy, long stakes, planted in the ground and leaning forward, with the ends sharpened) in the fortification quickly and with adequate time.  –  Alas, if you do not train for this, you cannot claim to grasping an understanding of Katamon Shinshin no Kyokushaku.

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