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A “Honai Hachijin” (Passageway done in 8-Way Formation) is the structure that has complete four sides and top-bottom encasement, along with the inside being spherical with a beginning and end. Through the “concept of victory”, one will become well trained and discipline.

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9. Matters Concerning Human Nature’s Kyokushaku

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A limitless design shaped with entrances that is believed to be impossible to conceive points to being of the will of the gods. When the unusually wonderful and greatest (qualities) of human nature have been reached, one would look like they are performing miracules while taking to the task at hand. The very thing you work on will also appear divine. Above being perceived as a virtuous man capable of particular, special things, through the “kan no de” of the Katamon Shinshin no Kyokushaku, one will exist within the space of the elements.

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Compiled in the year 1790, in the middle of August.

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To be passed on with utmost secrecy. Revealing contents is prohibited.

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