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ゆ加賀徳放し知らす大小の馬出の紋とす 後山本入道甲州へ徃て奉仕のとも加賀守ヵ子隼人佐ヵ侍を初てちきりの叓侍とす云四方四隅虚なり城の如く何百丈の物の作法??子を正し城をちきり一巻てしりてりて成長する如く城の要害よく囲い人数を篭て応変備る如くぞ心に火の初てもへ玄如くの勢い物をたもつ如くならん
When learned from Kaga it became “Taisho no Umadashi Crest”. Afterwards, Yamamoto Kansuke went to Koshu and along with entering the service of Takeda’s military, he was presented for the first time the matter of chikiri through Hayato Sa, son of Kaga Mori. Through his service, Kansuke was able to make a true, geometrically 4 sided castle (4 ways 4 corners). He grew to the point where he could devise a true castle consisting of cross patterns that wrapped and winded around no matter how large the size. He could devise a castle serving as a stronghold where the occupants walled up in can take action and hold out. Such a great thing (chikiri no kyokushaku), birthed from profound knowledge, can be preserved/last forever.

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七 裏の曲尺の叓
7. Matter on Ura no Kyokushaku

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Chikiri is a structure having symmeticly 4 corners and angles. Manji is 2 characters forming completely harmonized shape. The reasoning behind the chikiri’s straight 4-directional and criss cross patterns is to have shadows. Being within such a thing as a criss cross pattern where utilizing the tactic of advancing and retreating is a must, the same number of 3 patterns would need to be at the rear of the castle. Such was the decision by those retainers of the Koshu style. A mind needs to devote time to pondering and being concerned. “Tondo no I” refers to the pattern style that is the product of one that is insightful.

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八 卍の曲尺の叓
8. The Matter on Manji no Kyokushaku

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