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…it is no good to rely on long distances from the castle by the road. Within a castle’s borders, there are merits for being cooped up inside when the main objective is geographical advantages and establishing a stronghold. – It is said that in the case where one’s pinned down and cannot come out to fight, have the umadashi lined up before the front gate if there is a large amount of space. Or, you can use multiple umadashi. In doing so, there will be no open space for the enemy to rush in and overtake. – When lining up the umadashi infront of the front gates, if the main umadashi has too much space between it and the castle, it is said to place another one to close the distance. A good reason for using another umadashi is that it will cut the distance in half, preventing from having open spaces that can be utilized by an opposing force.

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五 本有の曲尺の事
#5: The working features of the Kyokushaku

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Kyokushaku is apparently the given label for the means for measuring a castle no matter how many 10,000 jou large, (1 jou = 3.03 m) the interior design or direction, or how straight or how many corners it has. A Kyokushaku, or the common measurement in shaku, uses the units of both a sun (3.03 cm) and a shaku (approx. 30.3 cm). – Today, one should be totally devoted to Tenchi Inyo, which blesses us with the life we, as humans, have. There is something marvelous about Kyokushaku. Within Gogyo Gosho, the liver is associated with ‘tree’. Become verse in being like the fragrance of trees in the Spring.

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六 ちきりの曲尺の事
#6: Matter on Chikiri no Kyokushaku

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ちきりの曲尺と云由来は甲州士大将 原加賀守何所となり山伏来て教え
The place of origins of Chikiri no kyokushaku, or the measurements of the cross pattern interior design, is said to have been attributed by a commander from Koshu by the name of Hara Kaga Mori. He acquired the teachings at a given place from a monk.

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