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The teachings of castle control are that of high-level virtue. From the conversations between Takeda Shingen and Yamamoto Kansuke Nyudo, are what we have as the study of castle control. – A castle poorly prepared with a force of 100 has room to maneuver against an army of 500. Due to the small number, there is more convenience for advancement and retreat. The assault of a large force is bad since their movements will turn chaotic. It is said that, unlike a smaller force, a larger force cannot move so freely. This is called ‘Kokakuyou no Bungakuron’ (theoretical calculations on how to seize the moment) for inexperienced groups.

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三 近くに高山有て城中みえるに郭扱の叓 凢城内見えるき攻手は兵気進退常に合見すかさる々兵威もくじて隠体うすし青木を枯(れ)ぬ矢倉を以しと伝え矢倉ひきくはニ階三階にめもとむへし木は冬かれなき木を以すへし又は葉の食物になる木を植たるか德ありと伝え傅あり
#3: Matter of utilizing a fort high on a mountain to see the interior of a castle – All attacks that are based on seeing inside of a castle will gain a boost in morale. For starters, one’s force will have ample time to act accordingly, while one will have the ability to refrain from either setting forth an attack, or needing to retreat. Within military power there is a hidden section that speaks of the benefits of constructing a watchtower out of supple pale aoki (Japanese Spotted Laurel). It is told that making a watch tower 2-3 stories high will be adequate for the eyes to see. This tree will not wither during the winter. Also, if you grow it you can use the leaves as edible provisions. There is much virtue to be gained from this.

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四 境目山城の馬出しは間数不良大角馬出大丸馬出の事
#4: The matter concerning Daikaku Umadashi and Daimaru Umadashi, and the inappropriateness of setting an Umadashi distances away along the borders of a mountain castle

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From ancient times, It is stated that when one’s focus for a castle is on the Umadashi used to aid in castle control… (continues on pg 12)

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