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兵法雄鑑枚巻 第十二
Heiho Yukan Scroll #12

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There are 9 clauses for mastering castle control. I will reveal these through my words.

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一 境国の城敲の責るには責にくきやうに自然敲大勢にて責取たる??味方の取り返すには手間とらぬやうに可取叓
#1: The matter of easily (re)gaining allies’ trust by taking a large force to attack a castle in another territory, which is normally a difficult feat

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按に是甲州流に城取の教奥秘ぞ山本勘助晴幸入道より馬場実濃守信房に伝て後代の達法となれり甲陽軍艦に伝信玄向て伝本文の意味なる 城取はありや道鬼答て伝其習ありと故に駿足とくのいのしきへ馬場信房に仰て縄張りなされ清れの城と号す其余遠州小山諏訪の原も信房縄にて教へ顕然たり今に至て返りに縄の習と伝て一裏部に取と伝え
Let’s take into consideration the secret teachings of castle control from Koshu ryu. Baba Mino no Kami was able to share with the new generation the means to master this within the Koyo Gunkan, as inscribed to him by Yamamoto Kansuke Nyudo. The purpose of this document was meant to aid Takeda Shingen. – Castle control is relevant, as it is explained by Dokisai (nickname of Yamamoto Kansuke) through his solutions. Consequently, the talented Baba Mino no Kami upheld the teachings, which in turn became the method for fortification. It is also called “Kiyome no Shiro” (Castle Purification). Moreover, in the fields of Koyama Nyusen in Toshuu (present day Totomi Province), Nobufusa taught fortification to its entirety. Thus we have arrived, in present day, where the lessons of fortification can be shared from the information gathered through past experiences.

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二 小勢篭る城に大勢篭てもせまからす大軍の篭る城に小勢にて篭ても廣からぬやうの叓
#2: The matter regarding a smaller force besieged by a larger army will not feel confined within a castle, but a larger force besieged by a smaller army will have no room to maneuver inside a castle

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