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1 Leave a comment on item 1 5 兵法雄鑑秘伝五法の縄   Heiho Yukan Hiden Goho no Nawa  (Title):  “Secrets of The Paragon of Military Strategy: Five Methods of Fortification”

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All matters concerning establishing a castle are based on these three points: mind, physical, and situation.  –  When planning the castle fortification design, whether for offensive or defensive purposes, you should start entirely with a cross-pattern style that, once finished, will become multilayered. Although the complexity when using this pattern in the castle layout can vary.  –  Katamon Shinshin no Kyokushaku (possessing the knowledge of building entrances with measuring tools), is necessary to understand about castle layouts. However, one cannot fathom this just by merely using a kane (a carpenter’s tool for measuring perpendicular angles) in hopes to grasp Katamon Shinshin no Kyokushaku.  –  To understand Katamon Shinshin no Kyokushaku, a person will have to possess a creative ability and have the capacity to be very intuitive. This goes beyond what can be learned in documents, oral lessons, as well as from my own instructions. To develop the will to perform one’s duties, constant training is necessary

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